Why Should Anyone Visit A Dentist?

A woman in a dentists chair smiling.

When people play sports, or work around the house, or do practically anything else, and they injure themselves, most of the time they know about it right away, because something hurts. If we even just scrape our shinbone against a coffee-table, it will hurt us even before we see any evidence of the injury. That’s […]

Implant Surgical Guides – How They Are Made And Why We Use Them

A model of dental implants.

An implant surgical guide allows a dental surgeon to place an implant in a very specific, pre-planned location to give the most ideal depth, angulation, and size of implant to fit the space. It is essentially a hard acrylic mouthguard that fits over the adjacent teeth to keep it stable. It has one or more […]

Wisdom Teeth

A man holding his jaw in pain.

Your third molars, better known as wisdom teeth are the final teeth to erupt in the mouth. They show up at the top and bottom jaws between ages 17-25. Some of us lucky people may not even develop any, others may have them erupt perfectly fine with no problems. Wisdom teeth are not necessarily bad […]